What is FAB?

Riverside Fine Arts Boosters -- "FAB" -- is a non-profit organization that serves all of Riverside High School's Fine Arts disciplines . (IRS 501(c)(3) filing under EIN 47-2742124).

Our Disciplines include Art, Band, Choir, Strings (Guitar/Orchestra) and Theatre.

The main role of FAB is to provide oversight and administrative support for fundraising, scholarships, accounting, and communications. FAB also helps facilitate interdisciplinary events and enables disciplines to share ideas and resources.

Each Discipline is a division within FAB that supports and prioritizes their individual needs.

By having one unified Fine Arts Boosters "support system," FAB serves to minimize administrative costs and maximize every dollar that goes directly to students and teachers.

Why Join FAB and Your DISCIPLINE?

  • Your Membership Donation is very much needed to purchase essential items for achieving excellence. It takes thousands of dollars each year to run our Fine Arts programs. Although our Fine Arts Programs receive some funding from LCPS, it's only a fraction of what is required to provide opportunities for our student-artists.
  • You can direct most of your membership donation to the Discipline Booster of your choice -- Art, Band, Choir, Strings (Guitar/Orchestra), or Theatre. If your student is involved in more than one Discipline, your membership donation will be divided across those disciplines.
  • You can show your commitment to your student's Discipline as well as Riverside Fine Arts.
  • You can be "in the know" about all the many efforts to support our exceptional Fine Arts programs, students and teachers.
  • You can actively participate and provide input on important decisions, such as budgets and officer elections, and by volunteering your time, talents and ideas. (Please note, active participation is not a membership requirement.)

Thank you so much for your support -- every dollar goes toward enriching the lives of our very special student-artists!